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HLB Mann Judd has a number of specialists that provide a broad range of advisory services to address a wide cross-section of business needs and challenges.

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1. Current situation
2. Business goals
3. Valuation
4. Options
5. Improve cash flow
6. Retain & motivate staff
7. Systems improvement
8. Action Plan
Step 1
Current situation
How is the business operating now? Consider the internal and external factors affecting the performance of the business.
Step 2
Business goals
What are your business goals? For instance, do you need to repay debt, increase dividends or increase earnings to be able to sell the business? Have you shared your goals with an adviser who knows and understands your business.
Step 3
What is your business worth now and with improvements?
Article: What is your business worth?
Step 4
What initiatives are possible? What will have the most significant impact on the business?
Step 5
Improve cash flow
Are you struggling to manage your cash flow? Do you have enough visibility over cash flow?
Article: Improving cash flow
Step 6
Retain & motivate staff
Are your staff engaged and motivated? Do you have the right people in the right positions?
Article: Are your staff engaged and motivated?
Step 7
Systems improvement
Are you able to extract the information you need promptly? Does everything take too long? Are your management reports giving you the information you need?
Article: What is Management Reporting?
Step 8
Action Plan
Have you documented the required initiatives to be implemented, by whom and the expected impact to keep accountability?

Are you ready to improve your business?

Has your business reached it goals?
Do you know how much your business is worth?
Do you have enough visibility over your cashflow?
Are your management reports giving you the information you need?
Do you have an action plan?
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