Do you know which areas of your business need improvement?

As your business grows, it is important to review your business operations. The business’ operations should be viewed as through three different lenses:

  1. People
  2. Processes
  3. Technology

Although each of these areas plays a crucial role in the business, the magic really happens when all three components are in sync with each other.

How we help clients with their business operations

HLB Mann Judd’s team will conduct deep-dive sessions with a cross-section of staff in your business. These sessions will help us discover the pain points, the quick wins and the key areas for business operation improvement.

Our methodology reviews for each of the three lenses include:

1. People

The people in your business are the foundation to the success of any improvement to the business. As much as they are part of the business, it is important that you allow them a voice in the review as part of the change management process. Our approach ensures that we tease all the options from staff and identify any communications issues.

2. Processes

Often processes have grown and evolved due to the needs of the past requirements in the business. A business operations review will take a look at all the processes in the business. Some of the questions we will ask are:

  • How many touch points are there on one task?
  • Can this process be streamlined or made more efficient?

The deep dive review conducted by our team will identify and quantify any inefficiencies in your business processes.

3. Technology

The last item we review is the technology in the business. We have seen many businesses implement a new software or technology to solve a surface problem. However without understanding the impact to the first two lenses, being people and processes, it simply creates complication and the expected efficiency is never realised.

HLB Mann Judd has a clear methodology to review the three key lenses, to ensure that your business can evolve and become resilient to the changing business landscape.

We recommend speaking to a business advisory partner to learn more about our approach and next steps.