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HLB Mann Judd has a number of specialists that provide a broad range of advisory services to address a wide cross-section of business needs and challenges.

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1. Reasons to grow
2. Valuation
3. Potential options?
4. Acquisition
5. Retain & motivate staff
6. Funding
7. Grow revenue
8. Action plan
Step 1
Reasons to grow
What are you trying to achieve from growing your business? Do you have a trusted adviser that understands the challenges associated with growth?
Step 2
What is your business worth now, and what could it potentially be worth?
Article: Business worth & how it can be improved
Step 3
Potential options?
Do you understand the impact of product diversification, geographical expansion, or alternative pricing strategies?
Financial Modelling Services
Step 4
Would this be a good way to accelerate product diversification, gain access to new markets or customers
Corporate Advisory Services
Step 5
Retain & motivate staff
Are your staff engaged and motivated? Do you have the right people in the right positions?
Article: Are your staff engaged and motivated?
Step 6
Do you have sufficient capital available? Do you need to raise more?
Corporate Advisory Services
Step 7
Grow revenue
Have you mapped your customer journey? Have you analysed profitability by customer? Are you following best practice account management strategies in your industry?
Corporate Advisory Services
Step 8
Action plan
Have you documented the required initiatives to be implemented, by whom and the expected impact to keep accountability.

Are you ready to grow your business?

Do you know how much your business is worth?
Have you considered various expansion strategies?
Would you consider acquiring another business?
Do you have access to capital?
Do you have an action plan?
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