Our approach

More than 40 years ago, a group of chartered accounting firms came together to form what is today known as HLB Mann Judd. For more than three decades HLB has remained committed to its core values and these principals have guided and shaped our success.

Our culture is one that places importance on various perspectives. It presents opportunities for our people to learn, grow and advance in their careers. We want everyone to be successful and thrive in an inclusive and collaborative culture. We genuinely care about the well-being of our people.

What we believe

At HLB, it’s our purpose to make a positive and sustainable impact on the future of our clients, our people and our communities, because we care about their well-being and success. Driven by our shared values and behaviours, we collaborate across the globe and find innovative ways to fulfil this purpose. Together we make it happen.

Our values

We are a values-driven firm. We define our values as VAST. We welcome everyone who is willing to be a member of the team and live our firm values.


Proactive, innovative
& forthcoming


Open, flexible, contactable
& responsive


Encouraging, loyal, caring, empathetic & willing to lead by example


Honest, transparent
& ethical

How we work together

We believe our strength comes from team members sharing their differences, individual experiences and willingness to voice opinions or share new ideas. By doing so we can provide innovative and practical solutions for our clients.

At HLB you will be joining an award-winning national mid-tier firm. This means we bring leadership experience, technical skills, client service excellence and a diverse range of clients. We offer comprehensive training and other opportunities for growth and development.

Our culture

Although we want to provide the best possible outcome for our clients, we also know it’s important to have a laugh and not try not to take our selves too seriously.

We genuinely understand and respect that our people have a life outside of the workplace. Everyone’s career is different and we promise to be flexible to your situation so that you pursue your passions and priorities outside of the workplace.

Top 3 reasons why our people love working for us

Opportunity for learning and career development

Work life balance

Relationships & culture

2023 Australasian Staff Survey
Independently conducted by Client Culture

Our commitments

HLB firms across the globe are committed to creating a more inclusive and sustainable future by focusing on three strategic pillars:

Diversity & inclusion

People are at the heart of everything we do. A culture that is diverse and inclusive presents new and exciting opportunities. By sharing our differences, opinions and ideas we can achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients and each other.

Although each of the firms in the HLB network may take a slightly different approach to diversity and inclusion, the highest priority is attracting staff from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences that complement the firm.

HLB’s global commitments

  • Increase representation of people in under-represented groups by 42%
  • Increase participation in D&I training and initiatives by 16%
  • Increase number of female partners by 24%

The environment

The climate crisis is one of the most pressing issues of our time. HLB firms across the globe are working together to understand, track and quantify our environmental impact.

We are actively taking steps to minimise our environmental impact and address climate change. Our firm's initiatives encompass efforts to reduce waste, advocate for paper-free offices and promote practices such as recycling and eco-friendly purchasing.

HLB’s global commitments

  • Reduce our carbon footprint per FTE by 4%
  • Reduce energy usage in our offices
  • Recycling, reducing waste and going paperless

The power of community

Giving back and being actively involved in our local communities has always been important to us. Our annual #HLBCommunities Day gives the global network the opportunity to give back once a year.

In addition, we support numerous organisations throughout Australia and beyond through internal fundraisers and participation in charitable events. Additionally, we provide services to selected charities on a pro bono or concessional fee basis. Our senior leaders actively participate on a diverse range of boards and community associations.

HLB’s global commitments

  • Increase hours volunteered to community and charitable projects per FTE by 17%
  • Increase number of hours spent on pro bono basis per FTE by 24%