Whether it be painstakingly sifting through reams of evidence, analysing financial statements or establishing new reporting processes for stakeholders, forensic accounting has emerged as a critically important specialisation.

Covering fraud and financial investigations, legal disputes, and loss and damage assessments, forensic accounting combines skills of traditional accounting and audit.

Our team of highly specialised forensic accountants work closely with legal practitioners and other professional disciplines to investigate suspected fraud, either on the part of an individual or organisation.

As the nature of doing business changes and becomes increasingly complex, the demand for forensic accounting to address specific matters or disputes also increases.

The evolving legislative landscape is also more demanding of company boards and executive management than ever before, and the need to identify and quash potential risks before they escalate is evident.

How we help clients

At HLB Mann Judd, our multidisciplinary team is well-equipped to review details of an allegation or threat, undertake meticulous investigation of the matter, and provide the recommended resolution or outcome to all relevant parties. On occasion, this may be determined via a formal court process.

We have a reputation for delivering objective and well-considered forensic accounting reports and advice, and also work in partnership with our clients to mitigate any impact on corporate or individual reputations.

HLB Mann Judd’s forensic accounting services cover a range of issues and risks, including the following:

  • Economic loss based on breach of contract, in tort for non-contractual representations (deceit) or of breach of the Trade Practices Act
  • Resumption of business premises – assessment of compensation
  • Family law property matters
  • Personal injury and loss of dependency
  • Business and equity interests’ valuations, including valuing minority interests
  • Intellectual property valuations
  • Fraud and cybercrime risk assessment
  • Complex fraud investigation and prosecutions.

Disputes can impact any business, regardless of its size or structure. When engaged, our forensic specialists prepare expert forensic accounting reports for litigious matters. All reports comply with the requirements of the expert witness code in the relevant jurisdiction.

Our accredited professionals are also experienced in providing expert witness oral and written testimony. If a matter goes to trial, our opinion will be delivered ethically and professionally to the applicable court or tribunal.

All of our reports comply with professional standard APES 215 – Forensic Accounting Services. Our valuation reports comply with the professional standard APES 225 – Valuation Services.

Forensic accounting matters can place an organisation, its staff and stakeholders under immense pressure and stress – but it shouldn’t have to. We assist clients by reviewing the facts in forensic accounting matters through our independence, objectivity and commerciality.