Together we make it happen

HLB Mann Judd is a leading award-winning chartered accounting and advisory firm. Our tagline, ‘together we make it happen,’ recognises that our people are the firm’s strongest asset. We aim to provide our graduates and students with the necessary information to support their success throughout the application process.

Application process

Apply online

  • Decide which role and the office you would like to work in
  • Click on the role you would like to apply for
  • Complete the application form
  • As a part of your application, we will require your cover letter, resume, academic record or
    school report

HLB will contact you to advise if your application has been successful and if you have progressed through to an interview.

Phone interview & case study

Some HLB offices may ask you to participate in a quick phone interview and complete a short case study test.

The inclusion of this step in the recruitment process will be communicated in the job description.

Face-to-face interview

  • If you are successfully shortlisted, depending on your location, you will be invited for an interview.
  • An interview means that we want to get to know you. It is also an opportunity for you to get to know us.
  • At this point, it’s a good idea to start thinking about the reasons why you want to join HLB, which division of the firm you are most interested in and any previous work experience that you have done that could be worth sharing.

Offer of employment

  • The process for accepting an offer will be shared by HR in your interview.
  • HR will outline the steps involved and what is to be expected following the offer.
  • Once you’ve accepted our offer, we’ll give you a start date and discuss the onboarding process.

Welcome & orientation

  • We have designed a program that fully supports your professional development.
  • Our grad and student programs vary from office-to-office. Some of the things we will ensure you have from day one is a welcome orientation, partner introductions, assignment of a mentor, formal induction program and a calendar of upcoming social events.

4 interview tips to help you succeed

While every interview is different, there are a few things we always look for.

Research us

Read our website or take a look at our social media. Take note that our firm values are important to us.

Be yourself

We want to get to know the real you.

Be enthusiastic

Come in fresh and ready to share your experiences and be ready to listen and learn more about the firm and role you are applying for.

Ask questions

We suggest bringing a list of prepared questions. We want to see that you are just as curious about us as we are of you. We want to see you are eager to learn more about us.

Be your best self

At HLB Mann Judd, the diversity of our people is one of our greatest strengths. Every successful team is made up of a unique set of individuals. We are seeking people who are ready to bring their point of difference to Team HLB. If you require any additional support or reasonable adjustments made during the recruitment process, please contact HR in the firm.


To be eligible for roles at our firms as well as graduate and student programs, you’ll need to meet certain requirements. You must be:

  • An Australian or New Zealand Citizen; or
  • Permanent Resident of Australia; or
  • Applicants with full time working rights in Australia.
Please note: you will be required to provide evidence of your right to work in Australia should your application be successful. Some firms may consider a candidate without Australian citizenship or permanent residency, however only on a case-by-case basis. This may be subject to an assessment of candidate skills and approval to progress sponsorship if a local resource cannot be identified.