Business valuation is often regarded as a complex area of accounting. The act of valuing a business relates to the process in assessing its economic value, and takes into considerations areas relating to cash flow, market capitalisation, liabilities and assets.

For many businesses, an assessment of its value will, in turn, help to shape or refine its strategy. Does it need to explore new revenue channels? Does the product or service offering require additional scale? Are its assets adequately priced? Who are the logical successors to current management should they exit the business? Is it transaction ready in the event of due diligence or strategic transaction? Are you considering an IPO?

A current valuation gives business owners immediate currency in the event they engage with a third party via an acquisition or sale. A business valuation shows that the owners and management have sufficient oversight of its operations, balance sheet and trading environment.

How we help clients

A well-prepared, balanced and independent valuation presents a complete picture of a business’ value.

HLB Mann Judd’s business valuation specialists work our clients to extract maximum value for their business. Our team applies a rigorous framework in assessing a business, including review of documentation and financial records, profit projections, growth plans, competitors, business model and structure, assets and liabilities, and many others.

We then use this information to calculate its total worth should it be for sale, and can apply several different methodologies depending on the nature and size of the business.

The valuation is a key tool in positioning the business moving forward, and HLB Mann Judd will continue to advise the client on recommended next steps through each phase of its lifecycle.

Our business valuations team has delivered valuation opinions of businesses and assets across a broad range of matters, including those relating to:

  • Valuation for taxation purposes, including entering the tax consolidation regime, capital gains tax and stamp duty
  • Valuations for financial reporting purposes
  • Valuations for management buy-out or buy-ins
  • Preparation of independent expert’s reports (IERs)
  • Independent valuation for merger, acquisitions, disposals and pre-bid support
  • Valuation for shareholder and partnership dispute resolution
  • Purchase price allocation
  • Valuation for pre-lending review process
  • Valuations of intangible assets
  • Executive options and employee share plans
  • Impairment testing reviews
  • Succession planning strategy
  • Estate planning.

Our business valuations approach

Business operations & structure

Valuations methodologies

Key value drivers

Financial forecasts & business plans

Market analysis

Tax implications

Business lifecycle

Growth prospects

Key personnel risk

Levels of gearing

Customer base

Capital requirements

A global perspective

Our team also guides companies with global interests through our association with the HLB International network in over 157 countries around the world. We have access to the latest market reports, brokers’ reports and financial information on comparable companies around the world.

Are you curious – or perhaps concerned – about the value of your business? Are you considering acquiring, restructuring or divesting? If so, value is at the core of every decision. Give the team at HLB Mann Judd a call to find out about how you can best secure the best possible price in the event of a sale.