Our approach to audit is professional, reliable, strategic and scalable.

We will do this by understanding your business and its challenges. This helps us to be able to assess the risks associated with your control environment and information systems. We can then identify areas where you are most susceptible and develop a focused audit plan to prevent unnecessary time and effort being spent on immaterial items.

Audit integrity

We operate under the Quality Control Policies of HLB International. These are specified in a formal manual and integrated into the audit methodology used by HLB member firms throughout the world. They include planning, risk assessment, system documentation and reviews, testing and verification procedures.

Use of technology

We use a CaseWare template designed by the HLB Mann Judd Australasian network as our audit documentation tool. This ensures that all information in relation to your audit is documented and facilitates the introduction of any new team members if required. This also assists in ensuring that all relevant Auditing Standards will be complied within our audit.

The HLB Way

The HLB Way is a standard of excellence which all of our clients deserve. Our approach ensures that you receive an intelligent, efficient, risk-based, and service-driven audit that generates insights and advances your company or organisation towards its definition of success.