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HLB Mann Judd has a number of specialists that provide a broad range of advisory services to address a wide cross-section of business needs and challenges.

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1. Purpose
2. Identification
3. Valuation
4. Due diligence
5. Transaction structure
6. Funding
7. Integrating strategic plans
8. Merger integration
Step 1
Are you adopting a product diversification or market penetration strategy? What industry are you looking to enter, and what are the dynamics of that industry?
Corporate Advisory Services
Step 2
Do you still need to find the business to acquire?
Corporate Advisory Services
Step 3
What is the business worth to you, and how much is it worth to the owner? What are the factors driving the value?
Article: Considerations when buying a business
Step 4
Due diligence
How do you minimise purchaser risk through the due diligence process?
Article: Cash debt and working capital
Step 5
Transaction structure
What is the best option for structuring the transaction from asset protection and tax perspective?
Article: Choosing a business structure
Step 6
Do you have sufficient capital available? Do you need to raise more?
Article: Debt or equity funding?
Step 7
Integrating strategic plans
What is the plan for the business in the future?
Financial Modelling Services
Step 8
Merger integration
How will the acquired business be integrated into the existing operations, and what are the synergy benefits?

Are you ready to buy a business?

Have you found a business to buy?
Do you know why the business is up for sale?
Have you considered the risks associated with buying the business?
Do you have the capital?
Are you ready to make an offer?
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