We are pleased to introduce you to Lelo. She recently relocated from South Africa to join HLB Mann Judd Melbourne’s audit division as an audit senior. She is enjoying her home in a new city and being part of a diverse and inclusive team.

What’s your ‘Team HLB’ story?

I wanted to spend time working abroad so I researched opportunities at Australian accounting firms. My preference was to work for a mid-tier firm because of the variety and exposure to different industries. I also wanted to find a firm that offered a healthy work-life balance and encouraged career progression.

The interview process with HLB was smooth and welcoming. It was clear that the firm valued it employees. Being an award-winning firm and I could myself growing and developing my professional career at HLB.

The firm sponsored my visa and relocation costs from South Africa. Since arriving in Australia and joining HLB, the decision to move has exceeded my expectations. Everyone has been so welcoming and full of recommendations of places to visit!

Follow Lelo as she walks us through a day in the Melbourne office

I am an early bird. I normally start work around 7am. I like to get a head start on the day while it’s still quiet. It helps me plan and prioritise my tasks. I’ll then prepare for morning meetings and daily check ins with the team.

Throughout the morning, I liaise with clients on audit requests and attend a few internal meetings. I always set aside time in the morning to grab a coffee and take a break by walking to the kitchen or closest café.

Before lunch, I’ll also organise to give my manager updates on any work that is ready for review.


HLB is flexible when it comes to lunch breaks (anytime between 12pm and 2pm). I therefore take a break depending on the morning’s activities and stop at a time that makes sense in my schedule. I try to take my lunch away from my desk and take a walk outside. The office is the heart of the city so there’s plenty to explore.

The team also regularly heads out for lunch – there’s always a restaurant we want to try out.

Mid-afternoon onwards 

After lunch I grab another cup of coffee and continue ticking off items on my to-do list. I then follow up with the client on any outstanding issues. I also have a quick check in with the team on how they are progressing. It’s important to take time out to provide any guidance or training, where needed.

After I’ve completed the tasks and working papers per my task list, I close my laptop and call it a day.

Lelo’s advice for graduates

Always ask questions. There will be so much to learn. But always keep a positive mindset and know that you are capable. Take it one day at a time.