We would like to introduce you to Warrick, a manager in the Sydney firm’s Assurance & Advisory team. Warrick and his wife Hayley are the parents of two beautiful children, Perrie and Ashton. To mark this year’s Working Parents Day, we asked Warrick to share his experiences managing his time between HLB Mann Judd and his family. 

Why did you join HLB?

I’ve been with the firm for six years. I started my career in audit and then shifted to corporate advisory to specialise in mergers and acquisitions (M&A). There are two reasons why I joined HLB. The first was for the opportunity to work in the dynamic M&A space, which is a strength of the firm. The second reason was for the work life balance and support that is embedded into the firm culture.

What does a typical day in the office look like for you?

My son usually wakes me up early each morning with a ‘wake up needle’ (if you’ve ever seen Bluey you’ll know what I mean). From that point in the day, it’s all about spending some quality time with him. We have breakfast, get dressed and I make his lunch for day care. Once he’s done, I’ll make a cup of tea for the boss so she has a gentle start to the day (as Hayley is often up throughout the night with our daughter). I’ll then get our little Perrie up, change her, set up for breakfast and then head out for my train to the city.

I often use my travel time to attend to emails and plan for the day. A lot of my time during office hours is spent on the phone or in discussions with my team. My day is often fast-paced and varied, which is very rewarding.

Once I am back at home, I’ll try and catch story time with Ashton as well as a quick nap on the floor next to his bed while he winds down for the evening.

How do you juggle work and family life?

I took a month off when Perrie was born. It was opportunity for us to spend time together as a new family. Following the parental leave, I returned to work on a four day per week basis.

My team were amazing after my return. They arranged meetings and events to work with the new schedule. There was also no pressure to check in and attend to any requests immediately on my day off. This has helped us tremendously; I can support my wife and be there for the family.

The firm also has added flexibility through its working from home policy. On the days I work from home, I help with the day care pick-up and drop-offs.

Any advice for your colleagues who are adding to their family?

Being a dad is both challenging and incredibly rewarding. I don’t think you’re ever ready for what’s ahead. I’d encourage any new parent to meet with HR to learn more about the leave and parental policies. The Sydney office has excellent resources available through Parents at Work. The firm subscribes to services that support working parents. We have access to personalised mentoring, live webinars, podcasts and on-demand Q&A support.

Lastly, HLB Sydney is a very caring firm that values its staff. I encourage others to speak to the partners, directors, HR team and D&I committee. Everyone has been so supportive (through all the ups and downs). I feel privileged to be a part of the HLB family.