We would like to introduce you to Robbie. He joined HLB Mann Judd Adelaide at the beginning of this year (February 2022 to be precise) after completing his degree at Flinders University.

Robbie was familiar with HLB while he was studying at uni. He saw an opening through the university’s careers resources and came in for an interview. It didn’t take too long for him to realise HLB was the place to be.

Robbie recently embarked on his CA studies while still working full time. An avid soccer player, he continues to train twice a week and play on the weekends, despite his busy schedule.

What’s your ‘Team HLB’ story?

The main reason I enjoy working at HLB is the relationships I’ve developed. Since day one, everyone has been welcoming and friendly. I can strike up a conversation with anyone, including the partners. I’ve also been exposed to a variety of work, which is helping me quickly develop a good knowledge of tax.

I have always been a people-person. So, for me, HLB is a good balance between a small-firm and a big-firm. It has been easy to get to know people but I am also working alongside highly knowledgeable and experienced accountants. I feel lucky to have found myself in a workplace which I thoroughly enjoy being at.

Follow Robbie as he walks us through a day in the Adelaide office


The first thing I’ll do every morning is check my emails to see if anything urgent has come through that requires my attention. If not, I’ll always try to plan out my day to give myself some structure. I’m not a coffee drinker, so I’ll grab myself a piece of fruit and a big glass of water from the kitchen and get stuck into work!


Mid-morning is my most productive time of the day. When I can, I’ll dedicate this to the most difficult tasks I have to complete. We often have staff training or workflow meetings in the mornings. My daily schedule always ends up being pretty dynamic.


Lunch is usually around 1pm. I’ll work until I feel I need a break or get hungry. Lunch is often leftovers from my mum’s delicious cooking or I’ll pick something up from one of the local eateries. There’s some lovely local cafes and bakeries nearby.

Having an hour for lunch really gives you time to reset and prepare for the remainder of the day. I’ll eat my lunch in the kitchen as there’s always a group of us in there. We talk about anything and everything that’s going on!

If the weather is pleasant, I’ll pop out for a walk. The office is in a lovely area of Adelaide, so it’s a peaceful place to get some fresh air before heading back for the rest of the afternoon.


No two days are the same! I find myself working on a big project or actioning something that has arisen during the morning.

We have a nice office. After work I usually stay back an hour or so to focus on my CA study. I’ve found that keeping on top of my studies is essential. I’m currently in my first term, so it’s a long road ahead, but I know I have support from my colleagues and the partners.

It doesn’t happen everyday however…

There is often something going on which makes the firm a fun place to be. At the moment, there’s a group of us participating in a challenge to collectively walk 500 kilometres in a month to support a local charity. It’s great to be involved in activities that aren’t work related, particularly if its beneficial to our health and gives back to the community.

Robbie’s advice for graduates

It’s daunting starting your first full-time job, especially in a new corporate environment. Know that everyone feels the same. Make the effort to get to know your colleagues and become friends with the people you work with. It’s more fun when you can get along with everyone. Always give your best and show a willingness to learn and develop. The philosophy I live by is ‘do things in the present that my future-self would thank me for.’