Two years of disruption have changed the way in
which organisations develop and manage strategic plans.

HLB Mann Judd Sydney have launched their 2022 Not for Profit Leaders Report on Strategic Planning.

The report focuses on the key areas of strategic planning to achieve your organisation’s goals and objectives. It provides an opportunity to benchmark your organisation against other not for profits and provides insights and recommendations for leaders.

Report summary 

  • HLB Mann Judd Sydney surveyed more than 100 not for profit leaders on strategic planning
  • The everchanging and economic environments are the biggest barriers to organisations achieving their strategic goals
  • Recruitment and retention of skilled, experience staff continues to be a challenge with 76% of organisations having a turnover rate of higher than 11% over the last two years
  • Covid fatigue is the largest challenge for human resources
  • More than 20% of participants said that loss of reputation was the biggest risk to their organisation
  • Two-thirds of organisations were looking at new partnerships in 2022 or 2023
  • The findings were presented to members of the Exclusive Not Profit Community, prior to the launch of the report.

The role of strategic planning in a Not for Profit organisation

Two years of disruption have changed the way in which organisations develop and manage strategic plans. Being able to adapt to rapid change is critical for organisations.

The only thing we can be sure of now is that change is constant, and organisations need to be prepared to change quickly as needed to survive. Accepting we are in a new ‘normal’ is one of the first steps. As we often see in financial disclaimers ‘Information based on historical performance is often not a reliable indicator of future performance’.

“With the COVID-19 government support ending, astute financial management is critical for not for profits to meet their objectives, remain solvent and continue to support the community.”
Simon James
Partner, Advisory, HLB Mann Judd

How HLB can help

We collaborate with organisations to make an impact and advance their mission. We provide value to not for profits through:

  • HLB's dedicated Australasian NFP group
  • The Exclusive Not For Profit Community (ENFP)
  • Management of social impact
  • Thought leadership, webinars, presentations & dedicated sector reports
  • Technical briefings
  • Mergers & Acquisitions expertise

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    Key findings

    Revenue growth

    Organisations that were able to weather the storm of the last two years are now looking to grow, with 72% of participants stating that if they achieved their strategic plan their revenue would grow.

    NFP Leaders 2022 revenue

    Aligning with revenue growth

    A high proportion of participants are looking at growing their customers through growth in markets, geography and customer base.

    NFP Leaders Report 2022 Customers

    Staff turnover

    Recruitment and retention of quality staff continues to be a challenge, with 74% of participants saying that in the last two years their staff turnover was more than 11%.

    NFP Survey Key Findings 2022 Level of staff turnover


    When asked what the biggest risk to your organisation was, 20% responded with loss of reputation.

    NFP Leaders 2022 Biggest risk to organisation

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