Financial transformation is a fundamental change in how the finance function operates to achieve a significant improvement in current performance by delivering services that better meet the business’ needs.

Much of the finance team’s time is often spent on processing transactions, preparing reports and taking care of compliance. This means that operational tasks become the main focus of the team leaving little time for providing analysis or insights to other areas of the business.

Our team works closely with your finance team to help them become more efficient and provide better service to the internal stakeholders.

Why would you undertake a Financial Transformation?

  • Inconsistent reporting
  • Cost pressure
  • Lack of transparency
  • Data quality issues
  • Outdated technologies
  • Management reports take too long to prepare
  • Current processes are not working

Our four-stage approach to Financial Transformation

We work with your team to achieve the transformation the business is striving for.

Strategic Plan
Understand the strategic plan of the business, the mission, goals, critical success factors.

Assess the current state

Assess the gaps between the current state and the future state

Implement the transformation

What Financial Transformation covers:

Review, document, and simplify processes in your business to improve efficiency

Assist with choosing and implementing cloud-based finance systems

Improve reporting to enable real-time decisions 

Work with staff to bring them on the transformation journey, assist with upskilling staff

To learn more about how Financial Transformation can improve your business please contact us.