We would like to introduce you to Lindzi, who is a director in HLB Sydney’s Wealth Management division and a financial adviser. She is also a mum to her five year old daughter Catie and three year old son William.

Tell us a little about yourself

I’ve been with HLB Mann Judd for 14 years this July. It has been an incredible journey. I enjoy working with our clients to help them with all aspects of their wealth planning.

I’m also a proud mum. I love spending time with the kids, taking them to swimming, dancing, or visiting the park.

What does a typical day in the office look like for you?

I drop the kids off at day care and get to the office about 9am. While in the office, I’m meeting with clients, working on strategic advice, meeting with fund managers or discussing investment ideas with the team.

I also enjoy the social aspect of working in an office environment. Our open plan office and hot desking policy provide opportunity to chat with colleagues in the different business divisions.

I wrap up my day at 4pm to pick the kids up from day care.

What does flexibility mean to you?

I’m able to work from home two days a week and be in the office two days a week. Working from home allows me to be there for the early pick-ups on preschool days and walk my daughter home, which she loves.

The flexibility allows me to attend the kids preschool and day-care events like the Easter hat parade, Mother’s Day afternoon teas and Christmas parties. This means so much to me and the kids. It’s a special time.

How do you juggle work and family life?

With a lot of help from family! I have a wonderful husband who shares the load. I also have a fabulous mum and mother-in-law who help me with pick ups, the days when the kids are sick or I am needed in the office.

The wealth management partners are very supportive and understanding. We have a great team who are there to step in, when needed.

Any advice for your colleagues who are adding to their family?

Reach out to the people in the office who also have kids. You’ll find you have very similar stories and parenting challenges. It’s great to share the journey and have people to talk to for support.

Access the resources available, like the Parents at Work program, to help you transition back into the workplace.

Lastly, remember that your kids are only young for a short time. Be present and enjoy the time. Try to find a good work life balance.