Meet Jaydon, a senior in Sydney’s audit & advisory division. Since joining the firm as a cadet, he has received both the encouragement and support required to take the lead and excel.    

I was born in Sydney, but moved to Hong Kong at a very young age, due to my parents’ work. I spent most of my childhood in Hong Kong, attending an international school. In high school, I went back to Australia and attended boarding school in Hobart. My family later moved to Tasmania.

Following high school, I opted to study a Bachelor of Commerce at The University of New South Wales. While studying, I joined HLB Mann Judd Sydney as an intern, before later becoming a cadet. I quickly saw accounting, and more specifically audit, as the backbone of every business. It gives you the opportunity to understand how different companies work in various industries – a deep dive into their business models, revenue streams and controls.

Accounting also gives you the chance to grasp financial details and learn how executives run their organisations. I’ve always been fascinated by the interplay of numbers, business risk and strategy. This is what drove me to pursue this career path. It gives me the ability to contribute meaningfully to business success and sustainability.

Joining HLB as a cadet turned out to be a great decision. Moving to a new city and starting a career in a post-COVID era had its challenges. But thanks to the warm welcome from my cohort and the friendly office culture, I quickly felt at home. Whether it’s grabbing lunch together, organising after-work activities, or simply sharing a laugh in the office, building these connections has made my journey here immensely enjoyable and fulfilling.

Role Models: Jaydon
Accounting Student of the Year Finalist, Australian Accounting Awards 2022

The importance of adaptability, resilience and innovative thinking   

My career journey at HLB Mann Judd has been incredibly rewarding thus far. Although I was initially introduced to the firm through a connection, three years later I can still say it’s the incredible team dynamic that makes HLB such a great place to build and grow your career. The environment fosters continuous learning and opportunities to take on more responsibility.

An instance of this occurred when I had the opportunity to take the lead on an engagement while I was still a cadet. Recognising there was a shortage of staff available for a particular engagement, I proactively expressed my interest in the assignment to improve my skills in management and technical proficiency. Through open discussion with the partners, they gave me the chance to head the project. The partner and I worked together closely throughout the project to ensure that I was on the right track. It was an incredible experience.  

During my time at the firm, I’ve had the opportunity to engage in a diverse array of client projects, ranging from auditing multinational corporations to offering advisory services for small businesses. I mostly work in assurance, whether that is ensuring our client’s financial statements are accurate and comply with regulations, or more towards checking a company’s risk management procedures are in place.

Unlike other firms, HLB Mann Judd encourages collaboration with different people from across the firm. These experiences have broadened my skill set as well as exposed me to the firm’s culture of continuous learning and development. Working alongside colleagues who also serve as mentors and collaborators has been instrumental in my personal and professional growth.

I firmly believe that to get the most from your career, you must never be complacent. I have, and will continue to, seek out opportunities for further growth and advancement. This involves developing my skills both technically and interpersonally, as well as seeking out challenging assignments. Additionally, I try to proactively contribute ideas to improve the firm’s processes, culture and overall efficiencies. Lastly, I am committed to building and nurturing relationships with clients and colleagues, recognising that strong interpersonal connections are crucial for success in any career.

Jaydon’s career advice 

An often overlooked but incredibly powerful quality is gratitude. Take the time to appreciate the opportunities provided by your mentors, colleagues and friends. Gratitude is a positive mindset that helps motivate you to make the most of every experience. In addition, it builds resilience during those busy and challenging periods that we all experience.

Outside of work

Outside of work, I believe there are two sides of me. On one side, I am a very sporty. I used to compete in badminton and swimming, and currently, I am part of the HLB volleyball and basketball teams. Additionally, I also participate in social leagues for basketball and badminton, and regularly swim to keep fit.

On the other side, I am drawn to creativity. I enjoy making short films, from screenwriting to directing and editing. Film has been an interest of mine for as long as I can remember.