We would like to introduce you to Kirk. He started out as an intern at HLB Mann Judd Perth and then went on to join the firm as a graduate accountant in the business advisory division.

What’s your ‘Team HLB’ story?

I applied for the vacation student program at HLB Mann Judd Perth towards the end of last year. The firm offered a formal training as well as support for studying CA. Shortly after accepting the role and experiencing the vacation program, I realised how inclusive, accepting, and friendly the people were at the firm – from graduates all the way through to the partners. I decided to stay on and commenced as a graduate accountant in early 2023.

I like the structure of the firm and its clients. Being a mid-tier firm, HLB is large enough to ensure you get the opportunity to work on a wide range of clients across many different industries. At the same time, it’s also small enough to allow you to work together and develop relationships with everyone in the business division.

Follow Kirk as he walks us through a day in the Perth office

8am through to mid-morning
I like to start the day with a cup of coffee. Once caffeinated, I sit at my desk and plan out my work for the day.

By mid-morning, I’ve spent a couple of hours working on client files. Depending on the size of the job, I’ve hopefully completed a couple of jobs and they are now out for review with my manager.

Job queries always arise, so it’s best to speak to the manager before taking action – after all I am still learning! We discuss the approach and agree on next steps. I’ll usually contact the client directly to obtain the outstanding document or seek out the answer to my question. Sometimes, I’ll draft correspondence for the manager to send to the client.

Today, I have been asked to contact a client to obtain their staff timesheets; so that we can generate their fortnightly pay slips.

Mid-morning is also a great time to take a quick break, make a cup of tea and grab a packet of Arnotts Shapes from the lunchroom.

I usually have lunch at 1pm. I meet-up with a couple of colleagues in the lunchroom. We either sit on one of the couches or head out to the office balcony to sit in the sun.

It’s winter right now, and so our conversations inevitably turn to the office footy tipping competition. We also chat about sport or weekend plans.

Mid-afternoon onwards
I spend the afternoon getting stuck into more client work. Sometimes, submitting for review or dealing with queries I have on jobs. I’ll also grab another cup of tea and some more Shapes to keep me going.

I like to wrap up at 5pm so that I can head to the gym or footy training. I also recently started the CA Program. So, I’ll try and get a couple of hours of study in, after footy training or the gym. I’ve found studying a little every night helps free up my time on the weekend.

What’s been an HLB-standout?

A highlight for me so far would be the ACATG course in Sydney. We were flown over from Perth to attend. Not only was it good to learn new skills but also to connect and socialise with graduates from other firms.

Kirk’s advice for grads

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about things you don’t understand. Also, take on tasks you haven’t done before. It’s the best way to learn.