Meet Kavi. He was recently named a finalist in the GradConnection and AFR Top 100 Future Leaders Awards. Kavi is a cadet in the Audit & Assurance division at HLB Melbourne. He joined the firm as a part of the 2022 CA Achiever program.

Congratulations on your recent achievement! What made you want to get involved in the Top 100 Future Leaders Awards?

I saw a LinkedIn post on the awards in my first year of university. It inspired me to apply for the award. The award process is an incredible opportunity because it exposes you to hundreds of future leaders and difference-makers.

What did you learn from the experience?

Although I did not win my award category, I learned a lot along the way. I met talented students from all over Australia with diverse perspectives. The process was an opportunity to practise my professional interview skills and become more confident as a public speaker.

The biggest takeaway however, came from our assessor, the Careers Engagement Lead of CAANZ, who advised me to “always say YES” since any opportunity can prove to be valuable.

Tell us about your role at HLB?

When I joined HLB Melbourne, I was looking to grow my experience in a mid-tier firm. I was looking for a firm which was large enough to build my professional experience but close-knit enough to have a family-like structure in the office.

HLB Mann Judd, together with its VAST values (being Valuable, Accessible, Supportive and Trustworthy), offers this sweet spot. It values both career progression and work-life balance.

I currently work part-time while studying at university and full-time during the university breaks. My role in the Audit & Assurance division is diverse. I often help the team complete specific sections of the audit, such as obtaining an understanding of different processes of our clients, through walkthroughs and testing.

Any tips for others considering a career in accounting?

Be open to new opportunities in the different accounting service lines – audit, tax or business advisory. I personally like to see the positive social impact of my work in the community. Audit has shown me how we keep organisations “on their toes” and stay accountable to their stakeholders.

Building your experience during university helps you discover what you like and dislike early-on, before settling into a specific role.

Any final comments?

I wish to thank everyone who has supported me along my academic and professional journey, and I am very grateful to HLB Melbourne for giving me the opportunity to work part-time while completing my degree. The audit team has always been very understanding, supportive and flexible towards my schedule, especially during final exam season.