We are pleased to introduce you to Laurissa who is a senior accountant in the Business Advisory division at HLB Melbourne.

Since joining the firm in 2017, Laurissa has enjoyed the social aspects of the firm as well as the balance. She has set herself out on a career path that also allows her time to pursue interests outside of work, such as cooking for her family and friends.

Laurissa HLB Melbourne

What’s your ‘Team HLB’ story?

I first learned about HLB through a friend who also worked at the firm. I joined the firm’s administration team while studying at university. It was an excellent introduction to the firm and accounting. I moved into an undergraduate role and worked for the firm on a part time basis. After completing my degree in 2018, I transitioned to a full time graduate role in the firm’s Business advisory division.

I like working for a mid-tier firm. I have had the opportunity to work on many different types of clients to broaden my knowledge as well as specialise in certain areas. The work life balance is also really important for me. HLB expects that we have social and active lives outside of work.

Follow Laurissa as she walks us through a day in the Melbourne office


I usually start work at 8am (though this was a little earlier when we were working from home). My morning however starts well before that. I like to be up by 6am to get in an exercise class or a morning walk before work.

I always like to start my day with a coffee which is also an opportunity to head to the kitchen and have a good chat with some of the other staff. Once settled, I go though my emails and plan out my day. We then meet as a team to discuss workflow and any possible roadblocks.


If I need to meet with any partners or clients, I prefer to do this mid-morning. If I don’t have any meetings planned, I like to get stuck into client tax compliance in the morning and do as much as I can in the early part of the day.


Lunch for us is pretty flexible, its usually around 12:30pm, but it really depends on when I get hungry!

When I’m in the office, I like to eat lunch in the kitchen with the team. If the weather permits, I’ll get out of the office and head down to flagstaff gardens for a short walk.

If I’m working at home, I will sometimes use my lunch break to run errands.

Mid-afternoon and following 

By 3pm I need another coffee! I like to head into the work kitchen make myself a coffee and have a quick chat to whoever I come across before returning to my desk. This little routine is a great way take a break before continuing for the reminder of the day.

After actioning any final or outstanding emails, I call it a day.

My time after work is spent cooking or spending time with family and friends.

It doesn’t happen everyday however…

The highlight at HLB are the people – it is easy and enjoyable to come to work. I am looking forward to being back in an office filled with friendly faces.

Laurissa’s advice for graduates

The best advice I have for new grads is to always have a notepad and pen next to you. Take down as many notes you can when a partner or your manager is giving you instructions. Also, make an effort and be social with your team members. It makes coming to work fun.