I’m pleased to announce the release of the 2021 Sydney Metropolitan Golf Survey. This year we have been fortunate once again to collaborate with Golf NSW to bring you a more comprehensive report.

The main objectives of this report are to:

  • Inform clubs on the performance of the industry as a whole over the past 12-18 months;
  • Serve as a benchmarking tool of useful information to compare the performance of your home Club against other Clubs in the Sydney Metropolitan area; and
  • Present our opinions on the direction of the golf industry for the coming 12 months.

The information in this report is taken from our sample of the 92 courses classified as being part of the Sydney Metropolitan Area. We have limited the scope of our survey to this area as it is our intention to provide informative results to the clubs in the areas in which we ourselves work and play. Expanding the survey outside of these boundaries would have reduced the applicability of the results across the group as a whole. We understand the challenges faced by clubs in the metropolitan area may not be applicable to those dealt with by those in country
and rural NSW. We have however included some competitive round information Australia wide and for Rural NSW sourced from Golf Australia data.

COVID-19 has significantly impacted golf, both positively from flexible work arrangements and more rounds played and negatively as a result of diminished functions and catering. We have explored competition rounds in light of this and how these trends may continue going forward.

There are new accounting standards that will impact club’s financial report. We have included some explanations throughout this report as to what to expect.

During the production of this report we would like to thank Stuart Fraser, CEO of Golf NSW for his assistance in the collation of data and provision of information. Thanks Stuart, very much appreciated! We would also like to thank Golf Australia for the competition rounds reports made available on their website, which we have referred to in our report.