Personal and business risk protection

HLB Insurance Services provides a professional advisory service to assist with a variety of insurance situations. Our strategic risk advice helps manage the financial impacts of personal disasters such as illness, injury or death.

We will be help you:

Quantify your risk

  • Review your current situation and determine your exposure to financial risk which may result from illness, injury or death for you, your family, and your business.
  • Identify other relevant issues so that you can make an informed decision about how you choose to handle financial risk.

Review your portfolio

  • Ensure your existing insurance portfolio is relevant to your needs and that it is structured appropriately.
  • Obtain higher quality insurance cover whilst saving money through reduced premiums.

Recommend strategies

  • Implement strategic risk advice for quality, and cost effective insurance cover.

If your existing insurances are sufficient to your needs and are competitive, we will inform you so. No changes are recommended unless it is to your benefit.

Ongoing support

Be confident with continued support and an annual review of your status and insurance cover annually to ensure our advice remains appropriate for your needs.

Claims management service

When disaster strikes and you or your family need to access funds quickly and simply, our claims management service utilises our experience and relationships with insurers to expedite valid claims.

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