Meet Andrew McEwen. He was recently named joint winner in the ‘Audit’ category at the 2021 Accountants Daily 30 Under 30 awards.

Andrew is an Assistant Manager at HLB Sydney in the firm’s Audit & Assurance division. The Audit award recognises an individual who displays ambition, innovation and precision to produce audits efficiently and professionally.


1. Congratulations on your recent awards win. How did you get involved in the 30 Under 30 awards?

Earlier in the year, some members of my team recommended I get involved in the awards. I have been with HLB Mann Judd for about five years, starting at the firm as a graduate accountant in audit. Over the past 12 months I have been involved in a new firm initiative which I believe will produce more efficient audits and a better outcome for our clients.

2. How did you celebrate the win?

Accountants Daily broadcast the event via livestream. The Sydney firm hosted a party in the office boardroom for the occasion. We all got dressed up, sipped champagne and watched the event on the big screen. It was great to have everyone together again after such a tough year – it was a special evening.

3. The audit award recognises innovation in the profession – tell us a little about what that means to you.

I have been very fortunate to get involved with two of the firm’s transformation projects. The team has focused on the development of automating selected internal audit processes.

Getting involved in these projects has professionally been very rewarding. We can already see the impact of our work together and our people have been freed up to focus on adding value for clients – this is what we know and do best!

4. What is your vision for the accounting profession?

Technical quality is one of the primary benchmarks of an effective accountant. Our clients trust us to identify and provide solutions to complex problems. We are expected to inform them of deficiencies in their business’ which may create future audit exposure.

My vision for the accounting profession involves finding the right balance between staff resourcing and the use of technology to produce the best possible outcome for the client. Staff training and development combined with the availability of technology will improve internal processes, accounting systems and client data.

5. Do you have any recommendations for anyone considering a career in audit?

The audit profession is constantly evolving. I think there are big changes on the horizon for the profession and I am excited to be a part of that. If you are considering a role in audit, I recommend looking for a firm that:

  • Invests in both technical and soft skills training – they are both very important in audit
  • Gives you exposure to the client from day one
  • Presents new opportunities to get involved in the things that interest you
  • Has a well-structured CA Support program. HLB’s support and guidance throughout my studies was invaluable.