Soumya Kapoor joined HLB Mann Judd Perth as a graduate auditor. The former CA student rep was asked by CA ANZ to share her thoughts on pursuing a career in audit.

Below is a summary of Soumya’s interview with CA ANZ:

1. Could you give us a little background about yourself?

I recently completed a Bachelor of Accounting and Finance at Edith Cowan University in Western Australia. I joined HLB Mann Judd shortly after completing my final exams.

2. How did you learn about HLB Mann Judd?

I met HLB Mann Judd for the first time at CA ANZ’s Employment Evening, and again at You Unlimited 2020 [formerly Employment Evening] in Perth. At those events, I met representatives from HLB and learned more about the firm’s internship and graduate programs.

3. Were you concerned about COVID-19 affecting your employment opportunities?

Applying for jobs during such an uncertain and confusing time wasn’t easy. Many of the employers had transitioned from face-to-face to virtual interviews which presented a new set of challenges.

However, I applied for the graduate programme at HLB Mann Judd, progressed through the online interview stage and secured the job.

4. Why are you pursuing a career in audit?

A career in auditing exposes you to so many different types of industries and companies, and I personally believe it is a good way to start your career in accounting. Auditors review the financial statements of other companies, and make sure that the information that is shared with the public is correct and not misstated.

Although I have only been in my role for a few weeks, I have been out with senior auditors for client work, and have learned how to conduct low level testing. I have been lucky to be able to work closely with my seniors as they not only tell me how to test client’s creditors or payables, but give me a chance to have a go at doing it by myself.

In my role as an auditor, I hope to continue to support businesses and the wider public, progress in my career as an auditor as the years go by, and make a difference through my work.

5. What are your plans for the CA Program?

I have always been a high academic achiever, and knew that I wanted to undertake the CA Program after finishing my degree. As a graduate auditor, I am learning on the job. I am excited to be able to further develop my technical skills and apply my learnings from the CA Program in my role.

HLB Mann Judd will support Soumya as she undertakes the CA program. The firm is a Recognised Training Employer (RTE) by CA ANZ. As an RTE, HLB Mann Judd provides CA candidates with an in-house and pre-approved performance appraisal system in addition to structured training programs, study teams and peer support.

Applications for our Graduate Programs open throughout the year. We recommend checking our website or following us on social media for updates.

Learning on the job: What’s it like to be a graduate auditor? was published online by CA ANZ on 9 September 2020.