We would like to introduce you to Kahlia. She started out as a graduate at HLB Mann Judd Perth, and like many professionals today, she has navigated the path of managing a busy role while raising a family.

I’m one of the many working parents here at HLB Perth, and I am a manager in the firm’s corporate & audit services division. I joined HLB Mann Judd as a graduate in 2010.

I had my first daughter in 2015, and my second daughter in 2017. Both times, after taking parental leave, I returned to work on a part-time basis, typically three days a week. However, as an auditor, we are subject to busy seasons. During these times, I would work four days a week to provide further support to the team.

The partners and members of my team have always been open to my ever-changing work patterns. Like many working parents, family life often involves a unique blend of managing work and childcare commitments. I am fortunate to have amazing support from my husband and helpful grandparents.

In 2023, the next era of parenthood arrived with both girls in school full-time. However, we quickly learned that commitments to sports and activities inevitably follow. The firm again was supportive by allowing me to have differing start and finish times to accommodate school drop-offs, pickups, and transporting the kids to their various activities.

Balancing family and work life is often challenging, particularly during busy audit times. I have, however, found that the days when I work from home, things are a little less rushed. At HLB, we’re fortunate to be able to work up to two days from home, unless we have a client commitment which requires us to be in the office or offsite.

I know my work-life balance as a working parent isn’t always perfect; I’m not sure anyone could attest to that. But I am thankful for the flexibility and support from the partners, the understanding from my colleagues, and the endless support from my husband and family.