All of the latest tax news, views and clues for April 2024.


This Alert addresses:

  • Refresher on deductibility of self-education expenses – Generally, work-related self-education expenses are tax-deductible if they enhance skills and knowledge, or lead to an income increase, related to your current income-producing work.
  • Revised stage 3 tax cuts now law – The new rates will apply from 1 July 2024, so it’s a good time to understand how these changes will affect you.
  • ATO scrutinising novated leases – The ATO will once again be running a data matching program on novated leases, covering the 2023–2024 to 2025–2026 income years.
  • Paying super on expanded government paid parental leave – The Treasurer has announced that the Federal Government will pay superannuation on paid parental leave from 1 July 2025.
  • Small Business Superannuation Clearing House and SMSF bank account validation – To safeguard retirement savings held in SMSFs from fraud and misconduct, the ATO is rolling out new security features and alerts.