Corporate Reporting Has Changed…For Good

Date: 6th June 2024
Time: 7:30am - 9:00am
Location: HLB Mann Judd Perth
RSVP Date: 31st May 2024
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ESG reporting is an evolution in corporate disclosure standards and transparency. Driven by capital markets, regulators around the world have been working to develop reporting guidelines that provide consistent and comparable sustainability data for investors. ESG reporting can serve as a catalyst for attracting capital, driving shareholder value, and fostering a sustainable economy for future generations.

Investors are increasingly scrutinising a company’s ESG performance, regarding ESG as a critical component of long-term success, and recognising the importance of integrating these factors into their operations and decision-making processes. Beyond financial metrics, ESG reporting provides investors with a holistic view of a company’s sustainability efforts, enabling them to make informed investment decisions aligned with their values and long-term objectives.

At this event, Steve Morgan, Principal of Automic Group’s national ESG practice will provide a practical and insightful presentation of what’s ahead for Australian companies, including the latest on the Australian Sustainability Reporting Standards and their implications for businesses large and small.