Welcome to the Summer issue of Business Adviser. In this issue we address:

Refresh your succession plan for your business

Succession planning is a critical component of organisational sustainability and growth. It is a deliberate and systematic process that identifies and develops individuals within a company to fill key roles as they become vacant due to retirements, promotions, or unforeseen circumstances. We outline the key points to consider for successful succession planning.

Change is on the horizon: privacy, personal information & organisations

Change is on the horizon for businesses and their approaches to privacy, with the Australian Federal Government responding to the Privacy Act Review Report on September 28, 2023. How should your business prepare?

What challenges lie ahead for businesses in 2024

Approaching the new year, businesses are getting ready for the challenges and opportunities in 2024. The world is always changing, so businesses need to be smart and flexible to grow and stay strong. We outline some important things for businesses to think about in the new year.

Tackling burnout in the new year

The spectre of employee burnout can still haunt businesses at the start of the calendar year. While many may have enjoyed a holiday to restart and refresh their work outlook, others may be facing impending dread at what the new year will bring. Recognising and addressing burnout is essential for fostering a healthy workplace culture. Employers must take a proactive and holistic approach to mitigate burnout and promote overall well-being. To address this pervasive issue, organisations should consider implementing key strategies.

Landmark ATO ruling for employee classifications

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has recently provided new guidance that redefines how it identifies employees and underscores the importance of written agreements to avoid PAYG or superannuation audits. This development follows two significant High Court rulings last year (FMMEU v Personnel Contracting and ZG v Jamsek).

Freshen up your marketing strategy – 11 ideas to kick start your year

As we step into the new year, now is the opportune moment to inject vitality into your business’s marketing strategy. Adopting innovative and creative approaches can pave the way for growth, heightened customer engagement, and overall success in the months ahead. We share 11 marketing ideas to kickstart your business’s journey in the new year.