All of the latest tax news, views and clues for September 2022.

This Alert addresses:

  • Payment redirection scams – ASIC’s recent warnings to small and micro businesses to stay alert. Payment redirection scams have caused some of the highest losses to businesses in the past year.
  • Tax time focus on rental properties – Rental property income and deduction mistakes continue to be one of the main focus areas for the ATO this tax time.
  • The cessation of SMSF COVID-19 relief measures – The measures covered residency requirements, rental reductions and waivers, rental deferrals, in-house assets, loan repayments, limit recourse borrowing arrangements, and related party transactions.
  • Ditching your SMSF – Whatever your age, if recent market conditions, cost or the amount of administration involved are getting to be too much and you would like to wind up the SMSF, there are several steps involved.