All of the latest tax news, views and clues for November 2023.

This Alert addresses:

  • Upcoming changes for pension and income support recipients – A permanent enhancement to the pensioner work bonus has been announced, along with a doubling of the employment income nil rate period to reduce barriers for income support recipients taking up work.
  • Sharing economy reporting regime for platform operators – Transactions for supplying taxi travel/ride sourcing and short-term accommodation now must be reported to the ATO under the sharing economy reporting regime.
  • ATO shifting to firmer debt collection activity – The ATO has flagged a return to firmer debt collection actions after seeing a trend of profitable businesses that have the capacity to pay their tax debts but are actively choosing not to do so.
  • Tax exempt organisations required to lodge returns with the ATO: a reminder – Some organisations that used to have the option of self-assessing their income tax exemption status will soon be required to submit an annual self-review report to the ATO.
  • Proposed mechanisms for payday super – In an effort to reduce wage theft and prevent losses in retirement income for many Australians, the government is seeking to legislate the payday super measure proposed in the 2023–2024 Federal Budget.