The Federal Government’s COVID JobKeeper stimulus is set to expire on 28 March, three days before the temporary restructuring relief— related to absolving eligible directors of personal liability for insolvent trading — ends on 31 March.

Webinar summary

Businesses need to act early and be aware of their options, after doing a simple self-assessment and determining whether, once JobKeeper ends, they will have the ability to pay staff wages, tax, rent and super. This webinar covers:


  • The end of JobKeeper – what should you be doing?
  • JobMaker and JobSeeker – what we know?

Human Resources

  • What powers do employers/employees have in relation to stand down & redundancy
  • New industrial relations legislation before Parliament
  • Covid Vaccine update – what are employers’ powers?
  • UK Uber case and current cases in Australia re: employee v contractor
  • General Protections claims during Covid-19 and lessons


  • What the change in the temporary restructuring relief means?
  • Where to from here?


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