The first round of JobKeeper changes came into effect on 28 September 2020. There is still much to understand what these changes are. In this webinar, Sydney Partner Mariana von Lucken, Tax – Consulting provides an overview of JobKeeper 2.1 and the alternative testings.

Webinar summary

In this webinar, Sydney Partner Mariana von Lucken addresses the following topics:

  • Timeline;
  • JobKeeper fortnightly payment rates;
  • 80-hour reference period;
  • Alternative reference period: Eligible employee;
  • Employer’s perspective receiving JobKeeper 2 payments;
  • Alternative decline in turnover tests
  • Conditions for eligibility (Paid Employees); and
  • Eligible employees, relevant employee and ‘one in all in’

To access the presentation slides, please click here.

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