Welcome to Financial Times, HLB’s quarterly newsletter which contains a collection of insights written by our professionals for businesses and individuals.

In the Spring 2020 issue we explore:

  • COVID-19 tech considerations - IT security measures to protect businesses and staff from cyber attacks;
  • Recent changes to the Significant Global Entity definition and new tax obligations for multinationals;
  • JobKeeper 2.0 update and a summary of the Federal Government's recent interim Economic and Fiscal Statement;
  • The importance of consulting with your advisers during the pandemic the benefits of setting a strategic direction for your business;
  • Why businesses should be currently reviewing key functions and determining their longer-term viability in a post COVID-19 recovery environment;
  • An update on Australia's IPO activity during the first half of the year;
  • New appointments and promotions across the Australasian Association;
  • Strategies for rebuilding superannuation savings; and
  • We interview Tony Fittler, Sydney's managing partner and HLB Mann Judd Australasian chair. In the firm spotlight, Tony discusses how the Sydney initially responded to the pandemic as well as its recent restructure to better advise clients.