Exclusive Not For Profit Boardroom Briefing: NFP Board & Staff Remuneration – The tenants of success

Date: 22nd August 2023
Time: 9:00am - 10:00am
Location: Webinar
RSVP Date: 21st August 2023

On Tuesday 22 August from 9 – 10am hear from Damien J Smith AM, Managing Director and Founder of Entreprise Care and Olivia Sporton, Senior Manager Strategy as they delve into:

The rising tide of Director fees in Not for Profits
Accelerating sentiment: “I won’t go on a Board unless I’m paid”

  • Director expertise and compound impact
  • The Chair/CEO symbiosis phenomenon
  • Payment of a Chair fee only
  • Diversity and attracting Independent Directors
  • Board composition and director performance
  • Types of NFPs, State laws & Constitution parameters – Are you entitled to offer Director fees?
  • Views of Stakeholders
The role of Rem & Rewards in staff engagement, retention, acquisition
  • Implications of the upcoming gender pay gap reporting requirements
  • Competition for top talent intensifying – Are you actively managing your Employee Branding?
  • Cost of living rises far outstripping Wage Price Index