Welcome to the Spring issue of Business Adviser. In this issue we address:

Electric car modelling for your business

Recent tax measures regarding electric vehicles for businesses – is this the right move for you?

Changing expectations from workers and consumers

The need for businesses to consider and accommodate the new expectations from workers and consumers stemming from the social norms that have influenced them. We outline some of the key areas businesses need to consider.

The consequences of not having a DIN when setting up a company

If you have yet to apply for a DIN as a director and have started up a company, you could face significant consequences and penalties.

Privacy of client information in the wake of the Optus breach

Australia has the opportunity to be at the forefront of privacy and data protection, with laws and practices that increase consumer trust and confidence. However, the recent Optus data breach has brought into question the transparency around data held by businesses and how at-risk that data is.

BAS due next month, what do we need from you?

Upcoming BAS deadlines and requirements

OHS requirements when staff work from home

With remote/hybridised work becoming an everyday staple of many positions, it is important that your business’s OH&S also reflects work-from-home environments and the office.